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15 Different Ways To Say “Poop” in Indonesian


It’s funny how Indonesian people have so many words to describe this kind of activity. Here’s a (probably) complete list of words that can be translated as “poop” or “to poop” :

noun used to describe animal poop, including human. Usually, depicted as ugly, bad, and disturbing. Can also be used to describe character of a person

noun used to describe poop most likely baby or small dogs. Depicted as having smooth shape, no sound, faint smelled, and cute-like personality. Commonly used as a verb “to poop” for cute creature

noun used to describe strong smelled poop, usually not so smooth in production. Commonly used as a verb “to poop” by kids

noun used to describe gooey, mushy, and liquid poop.  Can also be a state to describe “periodic poop because of stomach problem”, usually said twice.

noun used to describe hump of small ball-shaped poop. Can also be used as a verb “to poop”, usually normally and healthyly with harmonic sound when poop-balls touching water, described with sound “plung-plung”

noun used to describe a large amount of (scattered) poop being produced in one or few go and having strong smell. Can also be used as a verb “to poop”, usually with noises, described with sound “brot-brot”. Sometimes produce pain.

noun used to say poop scientifically. Depicted as sophisticated poop with mysterious shape and unknown characteristic

Buang Air Besar
literally means “to throw away ‘big water’”, this is a
verb used to say “to poop” politely. Depicted as producing a large amount of poop submerged in water.

verb used to say “to poop involuntarily” usually after farting. Depicted as producing a small amount of poop, rather mushy, stick around the buttock, usually leave marks in underwear, and smelly.

verb used to say “to poop” in funky way. Depicted as producing funny character poop with less offensive smell. May be in scattered form.

verb used to say “to poop” usually while singing or smoking cigarette. Depicted as producing poop with cool, gangster-like attire.

Buang Hajat
literally means “to throw away duty”, this verb commonly used to say “to poop” in a very polite way. Depicted as producing forgiving, polite, and religious poop.

literally means “to lay egg” but it is commonly used as a verb meaning “to poop” with normal frequent and size. Depicted as producing neat-shape poops like egg, like brown eggs in a watery nest.

literally means “to contract buttock” but it is commonly used as a verb meaning “to poop” in a long period with huge amount of effort. Depicted as producing only few dry drop of poop that are usually disappear without flushing. In some cases, no poop is actually produced.

literally means “yellow” pronounced twice but it is commonly used to describe human poop, usually in irregular location, with color of dark to light yellow. Depicted as friendly, mysterious, mushy poop with questionable origin. Also used to describe mysterious object (which most likely poop) that is frequently seen flowing in river.

literally means “something dirty”, this noun used to describe poop in general and safe to be used in almost all occasion. Depicted as blended in dirt or have dirt-like color, also with sad or “unwanted” characteristic.

Panggilan Alam
literally means “nature’s call”, this “verb” means “to poop” usually the first one in the morning. Depicted as producing clean, healthy, and eco-friendly poop.

originated from Arabic, this noun can also used to describe “poop”. Depicted as concealed, dirty, evil, and sinful poop.

So, I hope Indonesian people manage to use these words in a proper manner 😀

3 thoughts on “15 Different Ways To Say “Poop” in Indonesian”

  1. lol, i never pay attention about poop words in bahasa and when you wrote this (then i read it) i just realized that.. pheww.. there are A LOT of ways for saying BAB..-.-

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