Let’s Speak Indonesian!

Hello, everyone! Check out my videos on how to speak Indonesian. In these video, I will teach you some informal (colloquial) Indonesian words and grammar with fun and educational format! Learning Indonesian language from video is a great idea in my opinion, since you can really see and hear how Indonesian people actually speak, not just some make up rigid and stiff sentences that textbook teach you. So, learn Indonesian language from now and enjoy! You need to remember that Indonesian language, unlike English, Spanish, German, or French or even other language, has a quite big gap between standard/formal/written and slang/informal/colloquial language such that both side deserve equal attention. I will not teach you the standard one since there’re a lot of textbook out there who can explain it better but I will teach you the slang/informal/colloquial language (and even now it start evolving into internet language!)

Oh, and if you’re Indonesian, it’s also a great way to learn how our colloquial Indonesian language has evolved and actually has some rules that’s very interesting (or difficult) to learn 😀

Let’s Speak Indonesian – Lesson #1 : Confess Your Love in Indonesian!

If you have any comment or feedback for the video (or probably some questions), feel free to write it in the comment section below. Thanks!


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